Fixed Terminal Block

Fixed Terminal Block

TB Series Terminal Block is Panel Mounted Terminal Block, the spec is 600V, 15A / 25A / 35A with 3 / 4 / 6 / 12 Pole.

Ceramic Terminal Block

Ceramic Terminal Block

Ceramic Terminal Blocks are designed for wiring connection in high temperature condition. Spec: 15A / 20A / 50A / 65A.


Shining E&E Ceramic (Porcelain) Terminal Blocks Service Introduction

SHINING E&E INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is Taiwan Ceramic (Porcelain) Terminal Blocks supplier and manufacturer with more than 35 years experence. Since 1978, in the Power Distribution Industry, Shining E&E has been offering our customers high quality Ceramic (Porcelain) Terminal Blocks production service. With both advanced technology and 35 years experience, Shining E&E always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Ceramic (Porcelain) Terminal Blocks

Ceramic (Porcelain) Terminal Blocks - TC Series High Temperature Ceramic (Porcelain) Terminal Blocks
TC Series High Temperature Ceramic (Porcelain) Terminal Blocks

SHINING E&E has 40 years of experience in offering customers Ceramic (Porcelain) Terminal Blocks, and ensuring to meet each customer's requirements.

SHINING TC Series high temp ceramic terminal block (Porcelain) Terminal Block including

TC-6XXXA Ceramic Terminal Block:
600V , 30A / 50A / 65A , .

TC-6XXXB Ceramic Terminal Block:
600V , 15A / 30A / 40A / 60A / 100A , 2.3.4Pole .

TC-6XXXC Ceramic Terminal Block:
600V , 15A / 30A / 50A / 60A / 100A , 2.3.4Pole .

TC-XXX-A Ceramic Terminal Block:
600V , 15A / 30A / 50A / 65A / 100A , 2.3.4Pole .

Install Type: Panel Mounted. Din Rail is not required

Characteriestic: Suitable for ovens, furnaces, kilns, infrared heaters, quartz tube heaters, catering equipment, etc. Use in high temperature condition

TC Series Terminal Block are high temperature terminal block ceramic, the basic color is white, and it is not Glazed type. There are reserved install holes on base. Load current can be 15A,20A,30A,40A,50A,60A,65A,100A. The Working Temperature of Ceramic Terminal Blocks are 250, up to 400.

There are large variety of goods that have not listed inside the website, if you have any questions or requirements, please free tocontact us, we will reply as soon as possible.