Fixed Terminal Block

Fixed Terminal Block

TB Series Terminal Block is Panel Mounted Terminal Block, the spec is 600V, 15A / 25A / 35A with 3 / 4 / 6 / 12 Pole.

Ceramic Terminal Block

Ceramic Terminal Block

Ceramic Terminal Blocks are designed for wiring connection in high temperature condition. Spec: 15A / 20A / 50A / 65A.


Fuse Holder / Fuse Block - Fuse Holder / Fuse Block | TERMINAL BLOCKS' SOLUTION

Based in Taiwan since 1978, SHINING E&E INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD has been a manufacturer of electrical terminal blocks and barrier strip connectors manufacturer. Since 1978, in the Power Distribution Industry, Shining E&E has been offering our customers high quality Fuse Holder / Fuse Block production service. With both advanced technology and 45 years experience, Shining E&E always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Fuse Holder / Fuse Block

Fuse Holder / Fuse Block - Fuse Holder & Fuse Block
Fuse Holder & Fuse Block

SHINING E&E has 40 years of experience in offering customers Fuse Holder / Fuse Block, and ensuring to meet each customer's requirements.

Fuse Blocks are important electrical components intended to protect a vehicle's electrical devices from shorts or power surges. Also, Fuse Block is used in Switch Gear or Circuit Protection device.

The Fuse Blocks contain fuses rated at different amperage values depending upon the electrical device that it is protecting. Upon a sudden voltage spike or short, the fuse will burn out, protecting the affected device.

Fuse Block / Fuse Holder are uaully embedded an indicator to detect whether the fuse is burn out or not.

SHINING Fuse Holders Advantages

  • Comprehensive product range for cartridge fuse-links, automotive flange fuses, and thermal device circuit breaker plugs
  • Easy potential distribution thanks to continuous function shafts
  • Convenient testing of fuses with test points on both sides
  • Quick identification of faulty fuses and fuse holders regardless of the current direction thanks to an LED status indicator
  • Easily accessible fuse-links are easy to replace
  • Same shape as the feed-through, knife, and disconnect terminal blocks

SHINING is pleased to announce the launch of its new line of Modular Fuse Holders in addition to the existing line of Fuse Blocks. The new range of Modular Fuse Holders provides:

  • Safe operation
  • Fast and simple multiple pole assembly
  • Quick fuse installation and replacement
  • Blown fuse indicator for quick identification of fuse failures