Fixed Terminal Block

Fixed Terminal Block

TB Series Terminal Block is Panel Mounted Terminal Block, the spec is 600V, 15A / 25A / 35A with 3 / 4 / 6 / 12 Pole.

Ceramic Terminal Block

Ceramic Terminal Block

Ceramic Terminal Blocks are designed for wiring connection in high temperature condition. Spec: 15A / 20A / 50A / 65A.


DIN Mounting Rail - Din Mounting Rail, 25mm & 35mm | TERMINAL BLOCKS' SOLUTION

Based in Taiwan since 1978, SHINING E&E INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD has been a manufacturer of electrical terminal blocks and barrier strip connectors manufacturer. Since 1978, in the Power Distribution Industry, Shining E&E has been offering our customers high quality DIN Mounting Rail production service. With both advanced technology and 45 years experience, Shining E&E always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

DIN Mounting Rail

Din Mounting Rail, 25mm & 35mm

DIN Mounting Rail - SHINING- 25mm & 35mm Type Aluminum and Steel Din Mount Rail
SHINING- 25mm & 35mm Type Aluminum and Steel Din Mount Rail

SHINING E&E has 40 years of experience in offering customers Din Mounting Rail, 25mm & 35mm, and ensuring to meet each customer's requirements.

SHINING holds in stock a range of Plain Din-Rail and Slotted Din-Rail Generally supplied in 1M and 2M lengths, this selection table shows a variety of sizes which are available for immediate delivery.

What are DIN rails?

DIN rails are lengthy metal strips that make up the primary component of an internationally recognized standard mounting system used in equipment cabinet racks. They are intended to provide a secure attachment point for a variety of electrical and industrial control products, including circuit breakers, terminal blocks, power supplies, actuators, solenoids, and more, within a standard cabinet or frame used to enclose the equipment.

DIN rails serve only as mechanical support structures for components and are not intended to function as connectors or conductors within an electrical system. In other words, they are not equivalent to busbars, although in some situations they may be used as grounding busbars.

Advantages of a DIN rail system

Efficient and Time-saving: They offer a time-saving and efficient solution, as components can be easily snapped or slid into place on the rail, rather than having to panel mount each individual component separately.

Space-saving: They enable space-saving configurations of components, making it possible to bring internal and external wiring circuits together in a convenient location, allowing for tight arrangements of the components. This makes them an ideal solution for limited space applications where space is at a premium.

Cost-effective: DIN rails are cost-effective, both in terms of DIN rail pricing itself and the potential for high-density adjacent mounting, which can significantly reduce the overall amount of wiring and cabinet space needed.

Nowadays most controls components are mounted on standard 35mm Din Rail which is in turn mounted on Control Panel Backplates. When using DIN Rail as a Ground Terminal Block, particular attention must be paid to the short circuit properties of the rail. With the use of a DIN rail ground (protective conductor) terminal block, the DIN Rail itself can be used as the Grounding Terminal Block. The following is an example of how the system works to create a path to ground.

Product Number





Plain Type 35mm Aluminum Din Rail

1M / 2M

35 / 7.5mm


Plain Type 35mm Steel Din Rail

1M / 2M

35 / 7.5mm


Slotted Type 25mm Aluminum Din Rail


TS Series Terminal Block Only

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Result 1 - 3 of 3