TD-025 Din Rail Mounted 25A Double Layers Terminal Block



Fixed Terminal Block

Fixed Terminal Block

TB Series Terminal Block is Panel Mounted Terminal Block, the spec is 600V, 15A / 25A / 35A with 3 / 4 / 6 / 12 Pole.

Ceramic Terminal Block

Ceramic Terminal Block

Ceramic Terminal Blocks are designed for wiring connection in high temperature condition. Spec: 15A / 20A / 50A / 65A.


Shining E&E TD-025 Din Rail Mounted 25A Double Layers Terminal Block Service Introduction

SHINING E&E INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is Taiwan TD-025 Din Rail Mounted 25A Double Layers Terminal Block supplier and manufacturer with more than 35 years experence. Since 1978, in the Power Distribution Industry, Shining E&E has been offering our customers high quality TD-025 Din Rail Mounted 25A Double Layers Terminal Block production service. With both advanced technology and 35 years experience, Shining E&E always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

TD-025 Din Rail Mounted 25A Double Layers Terminal Block


Item number: TD-025
Rated Voltage: 600V
Rated Current: 25A
Size: 42.0*50.0*50.0mm (L*W*H)
Wire Size: 6.0 mm2 / AWG 10
Screw Size: M4

Terminal Block, Double Layer Terminal Block, Double Deck Terminal Block

The Rated Voltage of our TD-025 Double Layer Terminal Block is 600V, and the Rated Current is 25A. About our TD-025 Terminal Block, it can be assembled into Multi Pole. For example: " TD-025-06P " is 8 Pole Terminal Block.

The Length of TD-025-06P is 92.0mm ( 10.0x6+32.0 ). 32.0mm= Length of End Plate (TD-025EP). The Width of TD-025 is 50.0mm. The Height of TD-025 is 50.0mm.

TD-025 comes with a Transparent Cover or Protective Cover, whose material are PVC, this makes the products are durable. Any number of poles can be assembled into the cartridge. About Paper Marker Strip, We can also provide labeling Service according to the customer requirements. Please see the specification sheet of our TD Series Double Layers Terminal Blocks below:

TD-025 Din Rail Mounted 25A Double Layers Terminal Block

General Product Information
Item number:TD-025
Rating:600V, 25A
Size:42.0*50.0*50.0mm (L*W*H)
Wire Size:6.0 mm2 / AWG 10
Screw Size:M4

Dimensions [mm]
Item No.Poles (P)Length (L)Width (W)Height (H)
TD-025-01P110.0*+ 32.0 = 42.050.0 mm50.0 mm
TD-025-02P210.0*+ 32.0 = 52.0
TD-025-03P310.0*+ 32.0 = 62.0
TD-025-04P410.0*+ 32.0 = 72.0
TD-025-05P510.0*+ 32.0 = 82.0
TD-025-nPn8.5*+ 32.0
32.0 mm = Length of End Plate X 2

Product Photos

 TD-025 Din Rail Mounted 25A Double Layers Terminal Block

Product Features

Item Number:  TD-025

Rated Voltage: 600V

Rated Current: 25A

Install Type: By 35mm Din Rail 25mm Din Rail / Panel Mounted

Pole: Any Pole Assembly is available

Certificate: RoHS

Assembly with Din Rail TA-001A / TA-001S / TS-001

Specification Sheet
TD Series DrawingTD Series Double Layer Terminal BlockTD Series Double Layer Terminal Block
Item No.TD-025
Total Length (L) [mm]10.0 * n + 32.0
Ref. Length (L1) [mm]10.0 * n + 18.0
Gap (A) [mm]8.0
Pitch (B) [mm]10.0
Ref. (D) [mm]4.5
Width (W) [mm]50.0
Ref. Width (W0) [mm]32.0
Ref. Width (W1) [mm]20.0
Height (H) [mm]50.0

Screw (C) Steel, Zinc Plated


Rated Torque [N-m]


Rated Torque [in-lb]


Poles / Positions

Any (n: the Number of Pole)

Electrical Specifications

Rated Voltage


Rated Current


Wire Size [mm2]

6.0 mm2

Wire Size [AWG]

AWG 10


Insulator Materials



Black (White, Blue, Red, Brown, or ect are optional parts)

Flame Retarded Grade

UL94V-2 (UL94V-0 is optional parts)

Operating Temperature  [oC]

-40oC~+110oC (Max: +220oC)


Brass, Nickel Plated (Copper, Tin Plated is optional parts)

Accessories & Parts

Paper Marker Strips & Transparent Cover come with products for free. Others are optional. 
Protective Cover is optional for the alternative of Transparent Cover.

End Plate


End Clamp

TA-002H / TE-002 / TE-002H / TF-ECH / TS-0021

Din Mount Rail

(35mm Din Rail) TA-001A / TA-001S or (25mm wide Rail) TS-001

Protective Cover

M-PCV-S015 Optional Parts

Transparent Cover


Paper Marker Strip (Free)

M-MKS-010 (-XXX: Length)
Mounting Rod [mm] (Steel)M-MRD-010S (-XXX: Length)
RemarksEx: TD-025-06P (6 poles assembly of TD-015)

200pcs/box, 1,200pcs/6boxes/N.W. :17.3kgs /carton

Shipping information
1. For small quantity, shipment is prefered to shipping with express by UPS, DHL, EMS, TNT or FedEx to meet your deadline on time worldwide basis.

2. For regular mass production, shipments can be arranged by air-shipping, sea-shipping or express. Let us know on your requirement we will try to save your budget and meet deadline.